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At Cipla, we are not mere manufacturers of medication. What we make are memories, memories that may not have been there to be remembered, had a life not been lived.
We make people better and we save lives. 
That’s why we don’t have a strategy, we have a cause. We don’t have a vision statement, we have vision.
Some call it human care, we call it ‘Caring For life’.
Through Cipla’s ethos of ‘Caring for Life’, Cipla Medpro produces world-class medicines at affordable prices for the public and private sectors, advancing healthcare for all South Africans.  Our main therapeutic markets include HIV, respiratory, neurology, psychiatry, cardiovascular, allergies, women and men’s health, pain, and oncology.
Through our Cipla Foundation, we want to help ensure an equitable word. We have health and education initiatives to help make a tangible difference in people’s lives.
For more information, visit or https://www.cipla.co.za or follow Cipla South Africa on social media.


MediFood International was founded with the purpose of developing research-based, innovative, condition-specific clinical nutrition products. Using state-of-the-art technology, we produce high-quality „Foods for Special Medical Purposes” (FSMP). 
Our approach to nutrition revolves around a fundamentally distinct concept: providing specially formulated nutritional products tailored to meet the specific dietary requirements of the most common diseases, and we work tirelessly on spreading this research-based condition-specific concept of patient feeding. 
Our mission is to constantly evaluate the nutritional demands of patients afflicted with specific diseases through rigorous clinical studies, ongoing research, and incorporating the latest evidence-based knowledge in clinical nutrition into our FSMP products. Founded by medical doctor and a food expert in 2008 in Switzerland, MediFood International is currently present in 16 countries globally and has recently launched in South Africa (MediFood South Africa) introducing the MediDrink condition-specific range:

·         MediDrink Pulmo – for COPD patients
·         MediDrink Gastro – for inflammatory bowel disease patients
·         MediDrink Platinum – for malnutrition in elderly patients
·         MediDrink Neo – for cancer-related malnutrition
·         MediDrink OpLoad – perioperative nutrition

Come visit us at stand 14 at the Nutrition Congress in Durban!

MediFood South Africa Pty Ltd.
13 Stamvrug Street, Val de Grace, Pretoria
Email: africa@medifoodinternational.com
Scientific references and product details: https://medifoodinternational.com/our-products
Lets connect!
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/medifood-south-africa-clinical-nutrition


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